Manic Street Mania 4eva 4real

IMG_1493From culture alienation, boredom and despair to where? To the future via becoming part of the national curriculum and counter culture. Libraries gave us power, then Manic Street Preachers came and made us ROCK. 20th and 21st century Britain is a golden age of classic music, often nowadays filed under “specialist”, “alternative” and independent but still in possesion of inspiring hooks, lyrics, riffs, beats and movements across the spectrum of genres/genders.

In Chapter 2 of The Zine’s ongoing Once Upon Another Time tale MSP weaves in courtesy of Simon Price, Terrible Beauty, R*E*P*E*A*T, Carthage (formed via the Forever Delayed forum) and Dizzy Spell of Enola Theatre productions (who let me – Caf, live events department – take a photo of her at a Patrick Jones gig and the rest is what she calls our “New Whimsical Express”). More Manics scrapbook in Chapter 003, but for now, please do appreciate how much influence Manic Street Preachers have on our collective Futurology. Rock n Roll is not a style of music, its a way of life. 4REAL.

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@deptfordx -ellent fun @number3london

396545_321456347886403_2123482613_n 10608584_10152667578643069_3388225165679030404_o

The Zine called into one of the many locations on the amazing annual Deptford X art adventure. Snapshots from SEeAFAR group art show in Gallery Number3, Below The Fringeline Camera Caravan Obscura in Yard Number3 and music, community clothes swap, projections and a film premiere in Venue Number3. Peace and Art powered activisim in this historic, futuristic, alternative village.

IMG_1102 IMG_1209

deptford x IMG_0962 deptford x IMG_1025deptford x IMG_1038 0 0 0 IMG_1298 0 0 0 IMG_1319 0 0 0 IMG_1324 0 0 0 IMG_1340 IMG_1312 IMG_1383 IMG_1399 IMG_1445IMG_1300 IMG_1462 IMG_1469

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Guadalupe Plata’s legendary London debut.

014 09 24 ZineFor anybody walking past New Cross Inn on 24th September 2014 (or by the end of the night, peering through the windows in confusion), worry not.


the wild n wonderful dancing girl by the Johnny Cash poster

Yes, 323 NX Rd was full (from soundcheck o clock!) with demonic dancing and snakehips writhing in pleasure (on dance floor and table tops alike) at being here, but there is an explanation; Guadalupe Plata were playing their first London show of their debut UK tour.


Preacher And The Bear warm up the show in fine style


packed out for Guadalupe Plata debut London show

A swamp blues band cult, their music provoked reactions of sheer joy and exuberance and at some points of the evening, an almost voodoo rave like atmosphere at the danciest beats. In some places the music tipped into that latin place where The Pixies go, via rockabilly tinted Gomez moments. During one stage dive break out, the venue sound engineer admits they’ve never seen anything like this here. Don’t think anybody has.


close range for brilliant musicianship

Guadalupe Plata, who hail from Spain, have a huge following on the continent where they are already multi award winners (European best band, best album included, following in the steps of previous year’s winners The xx and Adele). Tonight, many of their fans and friends are a little awe at seeing them in such an intimate space at such close range.


Welcome to London Guadalupe Plata. And thank you.

It is a modest but down to earth introduction that turns into a triumph. Movie soundtracked by instruments and voices that could veer into madness, it was one of those “I swear I was there” happenings in music. Real power of rock n roll moment. Living the under radar arts life, The Zine actually was there, and recommends investigating Guadalupe Plata to be alert for a return to these shores.

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Oxjam @ Nestival

The Birds Nest in Deptford #SELondon
Recently the scene of Nestival – Oxjam NX report

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CLUB ALLEYCAT on Tin Pan Alley

Photographer Daniela Fleckenstein on the legendary Tin Pan Alley for #Uniqulture 9


Alleycat promo 2

Tucked away on Tin Pan Alley, I visited legendary music Club AlleyCat , as rustic, cosy as oldskool as it get’s.

One of these rare places that gave London once its unglorified charm and nesting place for many successful Artists.

Not to mention Black Sabbath and other original bands, immortalizing their sounds for many to be inspired, transported …

Alleycat promo

… well I felt taken back into an authentic past, that I gladly remember for days of freedom rock’n roll and socializing on a personal level, with stimulating surroundings and sounds.


Taken to the Streets (TIN PAN ALLEY)

with the Headliners and Presenter of the Club Night,

I shoot a few location Shots,

memorizing London charms… ,

that seems to be threatened by growth and modernisation !?!?!

…eaten up , by towering new buildings and building site restrictions,

threatening to swallow up Tin Pan Alley in its Abyth…

or AM I…

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TIN PAN ALLEY by Daniela Fleckenstein


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MAXINE+theMINIONS :: New Rockers from London!!! right here—

#TheBritz idea is all over the place. And growing.

Shoplifter Records


I discovered this band in London recently, saw them play in their own music den.
Originally I met one of their guitarists, John Clay- who is also an elegant
and insightful writer/journalist. He was kind enough to treat me to a
soy-cappuccino near The Angel Station, on Upper Street- and we talked about music,
the modern listener, and about co-writing a book. It delights me that there is a
pounding surge of live, in the raw rock music in England (so now that makes UK,
Argentina and Mexico as the super-top places for rock these days,
with Sweden also sparking!) Maxine is a wonderful singer, and her band adds exactly
the right snap and crunch to command our attention. Lissen to this cool song
BANG BANG BANG, truly worthy of Shoplifter Records focus! Roarrrrrrrrr!
— your Head Shoplifter, Gordon Raphael

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VAN-tastic – London loves The House Of Vans within one week

The House Of Vans (snapshots) #TheZineUK team hit #houseofvans  when it opened in London on Saturday 9th August. Embracing skateboarding, BMX and street culture/style, its a platform to engage and express. We totally recommend it for a day out, and within two weekends is has become a destination for athletes, creators and aural/visual enthusiasms.

The concrete bowl is skater built and lit, excitingly, taking these sports seriously as both enjoyable and and valuable. “Off The Wall” and on the pulse, in spirit – there is a VansLab artist incubator space, events, cinema, a live music venue and even creative courses. The House Of Vans is for and of the people;

@HouseOfVansLDN : “Open to all, and always free, this is your house”


There’s a skate park, but so much more from a global phenomenom of a brand that has unite the planet’s sport, art, music, cultures and generations since 1966. The mix of visitors we rubbed shoulders with ranged from seasoned to toddlers.

0 10

Skaters, families, activists, rad DJs, bands, The Red Bull BMX tour and more are calling in and hanging out. We saw cool kids smashing it with their moves in the skatepark which spectators could watch from the side or on a screen.

1 7

There is a restaurant, some bar, a music venue, merchandise and loads of activity from pop up clothing stalls and art exhibition to DIY creativity, hair, nails and even a giant screen. Basically, below Waterloo Station you are stepping into another world.

3 4

A walk/skate away, South Bank Skatepark at The Undercroft (home of the original South Bank Skatepark since the 1970s) has been under the same threat of cultural vandalism by “developers” that is eroding British heritage. The social inclusion and outstanding athletisism of these cultural treasures are a great ambassador of our people. There were several ‘Save The Southbank’ t shirts in evidence at The House Of Vans when we visited.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London spoke about the (threatened by developers) South Bank; “The skatepark is the epicentre of UK skateboarding and is part of the cultural fabric of London. It attracts tourists from across the world and undoubtedly adds to the vibrancy of the area – it helps to make London the great city it is”. Southbank Centre have now said that it is making a final search for “concrete and practical alternative ideas for funding the works” over the next three months with the Mayor’s Office, Lambeth Council and the skateboarders. However, Paul Richards, who works with the Long Live South Bank campaign against the movement of Undercroft, has said they have “not been approached by Southbank Centre at all

(From The Telegraph Newspaper, February 2014)

You don’t have to be a skater to enjoy The House Of Vans. I (Caffy) speak from experience. Not only is there so much educational and sporting potential, but it is already a European mecca for big names from many fields of talent. Along with the colourful, nearby time-warp street, Lower Marsh, “Skatebank” is a treasure of London SE1. The House Of Vans is helping to spread positivity. We need all we can get right now.

The House Of Vans, 228-232 Station Approach Rd, SE1. Open Wednesday & Thursday 4-10pm, Friday 12-10pm, Saturday 10am to 10pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm. From Waterloo Station it’s Platform 1 side of the station to exit, then just turn right and walk to the bottom of the road.

5 6 8 12

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#Music – 14 August – Wild West London is back, and in Mode!

From Happy Mondays to Joyous live music Thursdays – wild west London is back and in Mode!


Thursday 14th August – MODELive and Fiddlers Hare proudly present Bez (Happy Mondays DJ set) with Lois & The Love, Sparkle Darkly and The Ignition live on stage. Plus a few surprises sprinkled into the entertainment on the night!
Doors 7pm-1am. Entry £10 via

Mode, 12 Acklam Road, London W12 5QZ
(Ladbroke Grove tube a few minutes walk).

Get set for one of those nights out that future music myth moments are made of.

The Westway was the best way for some of British music’s most iconic moments and still gives East London a good run for its’ money. Besides, being home to one of the world’s biggest and best carnivals and a mecca for punks and rastas living the punky reggae party still in the 21st century, it has now got one of the capital’s most exciting new venues. Great vibes, looks and, importantly, sound, have already been reported.

Bringing back gigs to Notting Hill, and just off the Portobello Road, Mode is set to live up to its name and bring the style.

On the money (already got the highly exciting Sonny Green on the bill, supporting Ms Dynamite later this month, and with a Radio 1 show case also in the near future) there is an amazing kick off this Thursday evening (14th August) when urban legend, and man of the raving people, Bez of Happy Mondays, is on the decks. That is some party already!

The up and comers playing live are gonna make it go off like a musical firework factory:

Who doesn’t love a widely acclaimed “natural born front woman?” Lois & The Love have got what it takes, and then some

With their forthcoming video directed by Julian Doyle (previous credits include Monty Python, Kate Bush, Iron Maiden) brand new outfit, Sparkle Darkly do exactly what their name says!

Raw alternative rock n rollers, The Ignition are already recommended in various quarters and kick arse to kick off this select bill

Talking of natural born front women, with Sharon Power (Mean Fiddler) and Heather Ferguson (Playhard, Minx Media) alongside Lee Hare (Record Club), you can expect a plethora of high profile names coming from Fiddlers Hare. These people know how to throw a party as well as involve/care about musicians and their audiences alike so it makes sense that this event is happening at this venue.

Music fans, make sure you get your tickets for this launch, gonna be out of this world!

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DeLightful DeLectable DeLooze


On the theme of home grown up and comers, this is a snapshot of The Social (Happy 20th anniversary week), London W1, PACKED out with the passion of DeLooze, live at the Frukt/BMI event on 5th August.

Dark and delicious adventures in beats, riffs and vocals from Stacey DeLooze that veer from ethereal to snow queen, the debut album; ‘Glass Army’ is recommended, available from 


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